47 Mullet Haircut Ideas For Swanky Guys (2024)

    At Men’s Haircuts, we celebrate the mullet haircut — an iconic trend hailing from the daring and bold decades of the 70s and 80s. With its unmistakable “business in the front and party in the back” allure, this men’s hairstyle earned the admiration of music legends like Billy Ray Cyrus, David Bowie, and Paul Young. The juxtaposition of short hair on the top and sides with long locks at the back produced a distinctive and unforgettable aesthetic, spanning from understated to audaciously bold.


    If you’re ready to embrace a modern mullet, join us as we share our top picks for styling products and offer tips on tailoring the length to suit your unique personal style and career aspirations.

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    • Fluffy Mullet

    Modern Mullet


    A short modern mullet version of the cut is essentially a short mullet haircut by Keller Konturen. It suggests cutting the hair in the back and on top noticeably shorter, which makes it much more wearable and flattering. You can also add a trendy twist to it by going for a modern mullet fade or even undercut.


    Mullet Fade


    A mullet fade is another modern mullet hairstyle trending in 2024. This haircut features short faded sides combined with a tousled, choppy top and back. The contrast and audacity are what make this look an eye-catcher.

    Wolf Cut Men


    The men’s wolf cut is a trendy take on the classic mullet haircut. Tousled and effortless, it presents heaps of layers and volume. Though, like any medium length or long haircut, it requires a certain level of commitment to maintain wolf haircut men.

    Is Mullet a Wolfcut?

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    Curly Mullet Hairstyle


    Those with naturally curly hair, are lucky to have plenty of texture and volume which is exactly what’s needed to rock curly mullet men. Overall, a modern mullet haircut is suitable for any hair type, yet wavy and curly mullets absolutely smash it.


    Bleached Spikes


    This hairstyle characterized by short hair on the sides with longer, spiked hair on top, typically bleached to a lighter color for a bold and edgy look.

    Messy Blunt Bang


    A red mullet with blunt bangs refers to a hairstyle featuring a vibrant red hue and a straight-across fringe, creating a striking and contemporary appearance.

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    Takuache Haircut


    A takuache haircut, also known as a Mexican mullet, is one of the trendiest modern mullet haircuts nowadays. As it involves cutting your bangs in a straight line, it works better for straight hair texture. But no worries, there are plenty of curly hair mullet ideas out there to make the most out of your locks.


    Waves & Blunt Bang


    Asian Mullet Hairstyle


    If you are all into modern Asian style aesthetics, you will love this swanky mullet haircut with dyed tips made by hair stylist Ernesto Meneses.

    Edgar Mullet


    An Edgar short hair mullet might blend these two styles, possibly with even-length hair all around but with a slightly longer section in the back, resembling a subtle modern mullet 2024 effect.


    Short Mullet Hairstyle


    The way to your perfect modern mullet starts with growing hair, yet just in 2-3 month time, you will be able to get a shorter form of this hairstyle. Ask your hairdresser to cut the sides shorter and keep the back and top untouched. This is excellent work from barber Andrew Kozak.

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    Burst Fade Mullet


    A mullet with a burst fade is great for men who prefer a clean look with a modern twist and look like mohawk mullet. It’s more mainstream than the original mullet haircut, yet it’s comfortable to wear and looks masculine and edgy at the same time.

    80s Mullet Hairstyle


    The guys who are brave enough to rock the authentic ‘80s mullet style should keep their hair longer and try wearing them in a quiff. Whilst this style is not for faint hearted, it will look great on a festival or a summer night out. You can see this and other cool works on the Robert-Jan Rietveld Instagram page.


    Middle Part Mullet


    Those with naturally wavy or curly hair often struggle to find a haircut that suits their texture. Cut it too short and it comes out dull, leave it longer – and it starts looking scruffy. A middle-length mullet hairstyle with a middle part, mimicking naturally outgrown would look great on curly hair texture.

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    Straight Hair Mullet


    This short take on a mullet is a haircut that will work for anyone including those with straight hair that tends to lack volume. Use some dry texturizing paste to give it that messy effortless look.

    Permed Mullet


    If you are dying to rock this look and your natural hair is stick straight, try a mullet perm. You’ll be surprised to know how often curly hair is ‘made’ in a salon, and this permed mullet might be one of them.


    Taper Fade Mullet


    A mullet taper is a stylish and modern hairstyle that combines elements of a classic mullet with a taper fade haircut. In a taper fade mullet, the sides and back of the head are typically faded or tapered, starting short at the temples and gradually becoming longer towards the back. The top section, which forms the mullet’s characteristic longer hair, remains untouched or can be styled as desired.

    Mohawk Mullet

    This soft variant of a mullet mohawkis easy to wear and match with different outfits. Easily adaptable, it would suit virtually anyone. Keep it short and tidy or leave the mohawk part longer and make sure to use some finishing products.


    Taper Mullet


    Are you toying with the idea of getting a mullet hairstyle but don’t feel brave enough to take the plunge? Start with growing longer hair at the back while keeping the sides neat and tidy. This short mullet with a taper haircut on the sides looks edgy and cool.


    Mid Taper Mullet


    In case you are searching for a mullet hair cut that would look moderate and stylish at the same time, a taper fade mullet hairstyle is your way to go. As it does not take much hair from the sides, the haircut can be appropriate in the majority of situations, from casual to pretty formal.

    Low Taper Mullet


    Faux Hawk Mullet Haircut

    In this unique style, the sides and back of the hair are cut short, adhering to the traditional mullet pattern. Meanwhile, the top section is skillfully fashioned into a faux hawk, characterized by longer hair at the center that gradually tapers towards the sides.


    A mullet hairstyle essentially is a combination of different hairstyles on one head, and when one of them is a low taper haircut, this instantly gives an unmistakable traditional vibe. Pair it with a full beard for a badass Viking look.


    Baseball Mullet Haircut


    A baseball mullet, the haircut often worn by athletes in the ‘70s, is a shorter and more put together adaptation of the popular trend. This permed mullet haircut keeps your hair away from your face which makes work and exercising easier.

    Bowl Cut Mullet


    As the name suggests, this haircut is a combination of the two strong statement styles – the bowl cut and the mullet hairstyle. While it might not be everyone’s choice, this haircut has plenty of character and personality.

    Long Mullet Haircut


    A long mullet is one of those long hairstyles for men that will instantly make you the center of everyone’s attention. It’s all thanks to the contrast between the short shaved sides, pompadour front and long wispy back strands.


    High Taper Mullet


    To get a really bold and high contrast mullet men haircut, go for a high taper mens mullet hairstyle. As the sides are cut very short, the hair on the top of the head becomes the focal point of the look. So, do not hesitate to style it in an intricate way.

    Low Fade Mullet Haircut


    With a low faded mullet, you still get that impactful and edgy look, yet it is more reserved and practical as a result. Besides, as it is extremely versatile, you can make it work for any hair type. A wavy mullet with a low fade is a match made in heaven. So, you can never go wrong with it.

    Curly Brushed Back


    This style combines the distinctive mullet cut with curls, where the longer hair at the back is brushed backward, creating a textured and dynamic look with a touch of retro flair.


    Blonde Mullet Flat Top


    We know that lighter colors are best at reflecting light, and this blond mullet proves it by showcasing all the texture and movement it has. The longer length on the top allows you to wear it as a flattop or opt for a relaxed and messy mullet style.

    What is a mullet called now?

    Short Mullet Fade


    If you don’t like leaving your curly hair too long, consider this ultra short mullet with a blunt fringe and skin fade on the sides. In fact, a curly mullet looks particularly good, thanks to its natural texture and body.


    Korean Mullet


    If you are lucky to have Korean hair texture, a classic mullet is a must-try for you. Absolutely perfect for thick and dead straight hair, it looks modern and edgy.

    Undercut Mullet


    The combination of the pink flawlessly cut flattop with undercut sides, revealing a head tattoo won’t let take your eyes off this hairstyle. Utterly bold and daring, it’s also a pure excellence of hairdressing skills.

    Buzz Cut Mullet


    A buzz cut mullet or a skullet is a hairstyle that features extremely short hair all way around, except an island of hair at the back. Whilst you might not dare to fully embrace this look, some softer, muted variations might be worth giving a try.


    Kentucky Waterfall Haircut


    A Kentucky waterfall mullet is an unconventional look, perfect for the guys brave enough to make a strong style statement. It would indeed require some dedication as growing your back hair might take a few years.

    Shaggy Mullet 2024


    Shaggy hairstyles are high on the list now, and if you are looking for a trendy 2024 mullet idea, probably a shag mullet is the one to try. Extremely low maintenance, it’s also relatively easy to pull off.

    Flat Top Mullet


    Actually, any popular men’s haircut can easily become a classic mullet by simply… yes, you guessed it right – by leaving the back hair longer. Like this flat top mullet which combines two utterly statement vintage haircuts in one.


    Choppy Mullet Haircut


    Perhaps the most distinctive details of the modern mullet cut are choppy layers and plenty of texture. If this style is what you are looking for, ask your hairdresser for a razor cut and use a texturizing paste to add some definition.

    Slicked Back Mullet On Straight Hair


    Men who have to follow a certain dress code can try a slicked back hair mullet – a classy version of this iconic style. Keep the sides short and neat and use some gel to get that sleek finish. /p>

    Long Layered Mullet


    Guys who prefer long hair will love this long, layered mullet. Very rock-n-roll, this haircut is a foolproof choice for creative personalities and those seeking a show-stopper look.


    Spiky Mullet


    We love this Caesar mullet cut, yet it’s all about styling when it comes to getting this kind of spiky finish. Rub some matt texturizing paste between your palms and run your fingers through the hair to achieve this finish.

    Tousled Texture

    This hairstyle features a relaxed and disheveled appearance, with the hair at the back, left longer and often styled in loose waves or tousled curls, while the front and sides may be shorter or left to fall naturally, creating a casual and effortlessly cool vibe.

    Medium Length Mullet for Men


    Short haircuts are a universal choice for most men, although they often lack character, and all look the same. If you want to try something different, consider one of the men’s mullets that are trending right now.


    Long Tail Mullet Haircut


    Long tail mullet looks particularly effortless and appealing on wavy hair, thanks to its natural texture. Wear it loose or make a plait for the rat tail mullet haircut look.

    Fluffy Mullet


    A fluffy mullet is a playful and voluminous variation of the modern mullet men. In this style, the top section of the hair, typically the longer part of the mullet haircut, is teased or styled to create a fluffy and full-bodied appearance. The sides and back may still maintain the traditional mullet shape, with shorter hair in contrast to the fluffy top. This hairstyle embraces a fun and retro aesthetic, adding a touch of whimsy to the classic mullet, making it an eye-catching and unique choice for those who want a bold and distinctive look.

    Long Straight Layered Mullet


    A long layered mullet is a haircut characterized by lengthy hair with distinct layers, typically featuring shorter hair on the top and sides and longer locks at the back, offering a modern twist on the classic mullet style.


    Retro Mullet


    A retro mullet is a throwback hairstyle inspired by the iconic mullet cut of the past, featuring shorter hair on the front and sides and longer, often permed or voluminous, hair at the back, evoking a vintage and nostalgic aesthetic.

    Spiky Fade


    This is a contemporary haircut that blends the traditional mullet style with a fade haircut technique, featuring short, tapered sides that gradually transition into longer hair on top, often styled into spikes, offering a modern and edgy interpretation of the classic cut.

    FAQs: Mullet Haircut

    Is the mullet coming back 2024?

    Yes! The mullet cut has been trending in alternative circles since the beginning of the 2020s and now gained popularity among the wider public. Certainly, it is going to be one of the most popular men’s haircuts in 2024. Its varieties have become mens wolf cut, mullet fade haircut, perm mullet, and other.

    How much does a mullet cost?

    The price of the mullet haircut depends on the area and the level of expertise of the salon. On average, it can cost anywhere between $30 and $50.

    Is a mullet a professional haircut?

    As a rule of thumb, a mullet is not considered suitable for a professional environment. However, a dressier version of it might be acceptable if your office has a business casual or casual dress code.

    How do you ask for a mullet haircut?

    There is no better way to explain what kind of haircut you would like to have than by showing a photo of the desired hair looks like a reference.

    Are mullets attractive?

    Mullets can be attractive when cut in the right way. A long hair mullet may look unkempt and unflattering. So, opt for a medium long cut with short or faded sides. Also, remember to keep your hair neat and clean.

    How do you make a mullet look good?

    A mullet haircut can look fantastic if it’s cut the right way. You should start by finding a local stylist who specializes in men’s mullets and ask for their advice about the right shape and length that will bring out your best features. Then prepare yourself to research the hair products to emphasize the texture and get more volume in the right places.

    Why is it called a mullet haircut?

    A mullet supposedly owes its name to the 1994’s song “Mullet Head” performed by the hip hop band Beastie Boys. However, the haircut itself appeared much earlier with its first mentions dating back to ancient times.

    Can a mullet ever look good?

    Of course, it can. Modern versions of a mullet are nothing like its old-fashioned unattractive original. Moreover, a mullet flatters almost any face shape. It is just important to find a suitable look and get it right. Then it will look good.

    Can I pull off a mullet?

    Anyone can pull off a mullet if they find the right shape that suits their face shape and hair type.


    • The mullet is a hairstyle in which the hair is cut short at the front and sides, but left long at the back. It is usually worn by men. Source
    • A hairstyle in which the front is cut trim, but the back is long, left wild and often uncut. Source

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    47 Mullet Haircut Ideas For Swanky Guys (2024)


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