Everything we know so far about The Night Agent season 2 (2024)

We have another major update about The Night Agent season 2 to share! Well, two updates, actually! One of the big updates is about filming, while the other update is about the new villain in season 2. Let's talk about filming first.

Just a few weeks after Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos just dropped a killer update on The Night Agent season 2, we learned, via The Night Agent official Instagram, that production and post-production on The Night Agent season 2 are almost done!

The account posted a photo of Gabriel Basso from set of The Night Agent season 2. The photo was captioned: "Yeah, no one can sit better than he does. @gabrielbasso- The night agent season 2 is in its final stage of shooting and post production."

This news drop comes a few weeks after Sarandos confirmed that the new season of The Night Agent would arrive in 2024. While speaking on the Q1 Netflix earnings call in April, Sarandos mentioned a few other shows that will be released later this year.

"And, they'll even be getting a longer look at what's coming up in the second half of the year, which is, again, returning seasons of Cobra Kai, Emily in Paris, The Night Agent, Outer Banks, andSquid Game, our big one," Sarandos said.

Cobra Kai season 6 premieres on July 18, followed by Emily in Paris season 4 on Aug. 15. Could The Night Agent be next? We can't say for sure, but production is almost done, as mentioned.

According to TV Line, cameras started rolling on The Night Agent season 2 early in 2024. The outlet reports that the eagerly awaited follow-up season began production in Thailand and "other locations" on Jan. 15, 2024. The news of the season beginning filming comes after a handful of new cast members were announced.

In April 2024, the eagerly awaited follow-up season officially surpassed the halfway point in filming. Gabriel Basso posed in a photo with a crew member commemorating the completion of episode 6. Since season 2 has been confirmed to contain 10 episodes just like season 1, there are four more episodes for the cast and crew left to shoot. It's coming down to the wire!

Based on the book of the same name by Matthew Quirk, The Night Agent remains one of the most popular Netflix shows of the year so far. Netflix renewed The Night Agent for season 2 less than a week after it premiered on Netflixon Thursday, March 23, 2023, and was an overnight success, seeing extremely high viewership numbers. The show was even more popular than Stranger Things season 3 in its first 28 days after release!

Ryan shared his thoughts on the renewal, via Netflix:

"The last week has been a whirlwind as we’ve finally been able to share The Night Agent with the world. To see the tremendous reaction to the show has been a great joy and is a credit to our cast, our writers, our directors, our crew and our partners at Sony Pictures Television and Netflix. We couldn’t be any prouder or more excited to get cracking on Season 2 to share the further adventures of Night Action with our newfound fans."

-Shawn Ryan, creator

Now, let’s talk about when to expect The Night Agent season 2 on Netflix.

Everything we know so far about The Night Agent season 2 (1)

Sarandos gave fans and investors a great update on The Night Agent season 2, but no, Netflix has not announced The Night Agent season 2 release date yet, as of June 2024. Since we're learning so many release dates for Netflix shows, we should have a much clearer picture about the season's release date in the very near future.

As mentioned, production on The Night Agent season 2 started in early January 2024. Production is almost done, and if the social team is to be believed, post-production is almost done, too! That's a really good sign.

The Night Agent season 2 is scheduled to wrap filming in early June 2024, according to production listings. The show will need at least three or four months of post-production and promotion before its release on Netflix. If that's the case, the earliest we could see the new season on Netflix would be September or October.

If the crew was working on post-production as they filmed, which is common for TV shows that are not Netflix originals, we could see The Night Agent season 2 much earlier than expected. We're updating our release prediction to September 2024. I think there's a little something with Sarandos mentioning The Night Agent immediately after Cobra Kai and Emily in Paris. Cobra Kai is back in July, while Emily in Paris is back in August. The Night Agent season 2 could also be a split season, just like those two shows.

Release Prediction: September 2024

Everything we know so far about The Night Agent season 2 (2)


Gabriel Basso will definitely be back as Peter Sutherland. He’s the lead, and he’s set for an even bigger role in season 2. Luciane Buchanan has also been confirmed to be back as Rose Larkin.

According to Deadline, Amanda Warren is also joining the cast for season 2. Warren will play Catherine Weaver, who leads the Night Agent program which Peter is now a part of after the season 1 finale. Deadline also confirmed Luciane Buchanan will be back as Rose Larkin in season 2.

On Jan. 11, Netflix revealed five more new additions to the cast, and a few are even familiar faces. Pitch Perfect star Brittany Snow boards the series in a recurring role as Peter's new partner and mentor Alice. She plays a big role in his first assignment. In another recurring role, The Flash veteran Teddy Sears appears as intelligence office and new Night Action investigation subject Warren.

Three additional series regulars for season 2 have been announced: Arienne Mandi as Iranian UN aide Noor, Louis Herhum as international businessman Jacob Monroe, and Berto Colon as Solomon, a powerful businessman's fixer. We can't wait to see how Peter interacts with these characters!

On Feb. 15, Variety announced four more new cast members for season 2. Michael Malarkey and Keon Alexander will be series regulars as military chief and nephew to a dictator Markus and Iranian Mission to the United Nations security Javad respectively. In recurring roles, Navid Negahban plays Iran's UN ambassabor Abbas and Rob Heaps appears as a dictator's son named Tomas.

Here's the confirmed main cast for The Night Agent season 2:

  • Gabriel Basso as Peter Sutherland
  • Luciane Buchanan as Rose Larkin
  • Amanda Warren as Catherine Weaver
  • Arienne Mandi as Noor
  • Louis Herhum as Jacob Monroe
  • Berto Colon as Solomon
  • Michael Malarkey as Markus
  • Keon Alexander as Javad

Here's the confirmed recurring cast for The Night Agent season 2:

  • Brittany Snow as Alice
  • Teddy Sears as Warren
  • Navid Negahban as Abbas
  • Rob Heaps as Tomas

Ryan also mentioned to Deadline ahead of the renewal that he envisions that most of the cast for a second season (and beyond) would be different:

"If we are successful enough that Netflix wants more seasons, I think there’d be a whole new world in which you would see a limited number of characters from this current season going into that. But that’s something that I’d have to sit down with the writers and have it all figured out."

Now that production has started, we should learn the full cast of The Night Agent season 2 in no time.

On March 23, 2024, The Night Agent cast and crew celebrated the show's 1-year anniversary while on set of the second season, and we have photos to share from the special day via The Night Agent's Instagram page.

To commemorate the day, The Night Agent Instagram page also shared several other photos and videos of the cast and crew on set of the new season, including a photo of Gabriel Basso sitting in a helicopter talking to the showrunner Shawn Ryan. I wonder where Peter could be headed next in season 2. We can't wait to find out!

Season 1 ending explained

At the end of the first season of The Night Agent, Peter, Rose, and Agent Arrington stop the attack on the President at Camp David. The Vice President is taken into custody, as is Diane Farr. We have to assume that they won’t be involved in future episodes after the fallout from the Metro bombing and assassination attempt.

We also see Gordon Wick, the mysterious CEO, flee. He could be a big part of future seasons.

At the very end of the season, Peter becomes a Night Agent! Well, that’s what we assume. He reads a document that reads: “Night Action: Mission Brief,” and then takes off on a jet. Peter is a full-on spy now!

After acting as an honorary and/or amateur Night Agent for the whole first season, Peter becomes a real Night Agent at the end of the first season. What mysteries will be uncovered or solved in season 2 and beyond? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Unfortunately, there’s only one Night Agent book by Matthew Quirk. While there’s no second book now, I would assume that could change in the near future. This was a huge commercial success. I think people would be very interested in this story continuing in print.

Everything we know so far about The Night Agent season 2 (3)

To assume we know what’s going to happen in The Night Agent season 2 would be a mistake. It looks like the writers have a lot of room to play with this story and can move in any direction.

Overall, Peter’s story is going to continue as a Night Agent, and he’ll be looking to take down corrupt officials and high-profile criminals and companies around the world.

There’s a lot we still don’t know about the Night Action program. We know about a few agents, including Rose’s aunt and uncle. I think we’re going to learn a lot about the program what the official mission of the program is and how Peter can help.

We should also see Chelsea Arrington and Rose continue their careers after saving the country. Are Peter and Rose still together romantically? Could she be a spy in the future like her aunt and uncle? It seems like things are up in the air.

In April 2023, Ryan told ComicBook.com that there will not be that many returning characters in season 2:

"When I pitched it to Netflix, I essentially said, This is an ongoing show, but each season will be its own self-contained story. And then future seasons would have very few characters porting over from the previous season. We’re not trying to keep seven or eight characters going throughout multiple seasons."

He also revealed the new season and story will not take place in or around Washington D.C.

"So one thing I will tell you about Season 2 is it does not take place in the DC area, which is where Season 1 took place."

Production took place in Thailand and New York. It seems like that's the setting for season 2, but it's possible those locations as stand-ins for other locations, too! We'll let you know more when we find out.

In June, The Night Agent shared some interesting information about Michael Malarkey's character, Markus. They posted a photo of Malarkey with the caption: "Welcome our star,@mkmalarkey!! He will play Markus, a military chief and loyal nephew to a dictator newly convicted of war crimes by the Hague. Our superstar from vampire diaries.."

Looks like Peter is going to have his hands full with a new villain and nephew to a brutal dictator in season 2!

That’s all we know about The Night Agent season 2 so far. The series is on our list of the best shows on Netflix. Stay tuned for more news about season 2.

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Everything we know so far about The Night Agent season 2 (2024)


Who is the traitor in The Night Agent? ›

In the finale, President Travers offers Peter a reward for his heroics during the Camp David assassination attempt. Rather than receive a medal, Peter asks to know the truth about his dad, Peter Sutherland Sr. (Sebastien Roberts), who was an FBI agent accused of committing treason.

Who was the mole on Night Agent? ›

Diane Farr Is The Mole In The Night Agent Season 1

Trusting Diane, Peter keeps her updated on his and Rose's movements, as well as filling her in on their discoveries.

Who is the main villain in The Night Agent? ›

Gordon Wick is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Ashley Redfield) of the 2023 Netflix action spy-thriller series The Night Agent. He is the CEO of Turn Lake Industries and a government contractor who is the boss of assassins Ellen & Dale.

What happened to Cisco in The Night Agent? ›

Sutherland warns her and Cisco to run. Farr orders Sutherland's arrest, but he narrowly escapes the White House via a secret tunnel. Cisco drops off Larkin so she can meet Sutherland at a pre-arranged spot, and is later killed by Ellen.

Who can't be trusted in The Night Agent? ›

It ultimately turns out that "the one in the White House who can't be trusted" is none other than Vice President Redfield (Christopher Shyer).

Was Peter's dad a traitor in Night Agent? ›

His father had betrayed his country. Suspicion had trailed Peter for most of his life. No matter how faultless he was, he couldn't escape it, and now they had branded him as a traitor, too.

Who is the secret service agent in The Night Agent? ›

Ben Almora is a main character on The Night Agent . The head of the Secret Service, Ben manages his team with a measured, steady hand.

Who is Osprey The Night Agent? ›

Who is the target in The Night Agent? Arrington discloses that on the day of the bombing, she was providing security for PIF leader Omar Zadar during his meeting with a representative from the Travers administration. His codename was Osprey.

Who is the main character in The Spy and the traitor? ›

Meticulously researched, The Spy and the Traitor tells the true story of Oleg Gordievsky, a KGB officer spying for the UK's MI6.

What happened to the baby in Night Agent? ›

And at the very end of the episode, there's a shot that shows you the baby. The baby is fine. And one of the things that Alan said was Shawn Ryan has been making television long enough that he understands that you have to provide that shot because people will be wondering, whatever happened to the baby?


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