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When a romantic dinner turns into a family invasion

The new ENSHOLM outdoor chair offers ultimate comfort with breathable fabric that molds to you. Stackable and lightweight, with a handy handle, it’s your perfect patio companion for when a crowd gathers, hoping to get a taste of your barbeque skills.

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NÄMMARÖ Reclining chair, outdoor£50Price £ 50(71)

NewlowerpriceSKARPÖ Armchair, outdoor£45Price £ 45Previous price £55Previous price £ 55(253)
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NÄMMARÖ Lounge chair, outdoor£60Price £ 60(20)

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TÄRNÖ Chair, outdoor£15Price £ 15(247)
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BONDHOLMEN Reclining chair, outdoor£30Price £ 30Previous price £50Previous price £ 50Price valid from 02 May and while supply lastsLast chance to buy (45)
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ENSHOLM Chair£27Price £ 27(9)

BONDHOLMEN Chair with armrests, outdoor£30Price £ 30Previous price £60Previous price £ 60Price valid from 02 May and while supply lastsLast chance to buy (25)
More optionsBONDHOLMEN

NÄMMARÖ Lounge chair, outdoor£100Price £ 100(10)

SEGERÖN Chair with armrests, outdoor£75Price £ 75(25)
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NÄMMARÖ Chair, outdoor£30Price £ 30(27)

NÄMMARÖ Easy chair, outdoor£135Price £ 135(37)
More optionsNÄMMARÖ

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NewSTRANDÖN Folding chair£27Price £ 27(8)

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Select seating for the outdoor season

Get out in the sun! Breakfast with the first rays of the day, lunch under a parasol, sunset dinner. Taking it outside makes the moment special. Luckily, there’s a range of chairs to suit the style and dimensions of your sunny spot – from lounging in clean-line design to meals seated on slatted wood, and more.

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Create an oasis of comfort and style with garden table and chairs from IKEA. Make your garden, patio or balcony the go-to place to enjoy your coffee in the morning sun, and family dinners during warm summer evenings.

A nice garden table accompanied by a few sturdy chairs can be essential for decorating the outdoor room. In our selection, you will find a wide range of outdoor tables and chairs for your outside area.

Seating in a small nook or an open garden

Eating outside is one of the great joys of summer. To ensure a fine outside dining experience, you need to provide good seating and create an inviting environment.

With a spacious patio or large garden, you have the freedom to choose how much of your space you want to use for a dining area. Whether you want a place for quiet family dinners or large garden parties, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from in our selection.

If you have a smaller garden or a balcony, it can sometimes feel like a challenge to make effective use of what you have. However, a two-seater table set with foldable chairs should fit even limited spaces. And with foldable furniture, you can easily put them aside if you need space for other activities.

Choose a complete set of patio tables and chairs for a complete look. Or maybe mix different tables and chairs to get your own style. We offer tables that can take up to six people.

Add decorative cushions and protective parasols

Add some stylish accessories to get your outdoor dining area just right.

For a more comfortable experience, add some soft, decorative cushions to the chairs. The colours and patterns can work to pull the decorating style together, while also providing comfortable seating for long summer evenings outside.

And don’t forget to complement your dining area with a protective parasol. This way, you can enjoy your lunch outside even when the sun stands high.

How to take care of your garden table and chairs

Once you’ve found a set of garden chairs and a table you like, you want to make sure it lasts. The first thing to keep in mind is that, while most outdoor furniture is made for outdoor use, harsh weather will eventually take its toll. Therefore, you need to protect your furniture when not in use. The best protection is offered indoors. But using a waterproof cover outside is also an acceptable option.

Additionally, you want to do regular maintenance on your table and chairs. How to maintain your furniture will differ a bit depending on their materials.

For example, tables and chairs in metal, steel and plastic require very little maintenance. Simply clean them occasionally, with a damp cloth and mild soap, to avoid mould and mildew from catching on.

A set of wooden dining furniture, however, requires a bit more of maintenance. We recommend that you to re-stain them once or twice a year. This is to prevent them from drying out and cracking. At IKEA you can find oils and stains to help maintain the quality of your wooden furniture.

Garden Chairs  - Outdoor Chairs (2024)


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