Top 17 Styling Options For Women’s Short Hairstyles 2023 To Try This Year (2024)

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Today, women’s short hairstyles 2023 are exclusively a woman’s choice. And, most importantly, today it is stylish, fashionable, comfortable and even very feminine.

A huge number of models and modifications of short hairstyles for women 2023 makes it easy to choose an option that will not only suit a woman, but also emphasize her individuality.

Less time is needed to care for short hair, which frees up a minute for women to do other things.

The advantage of a short haircut is that it will also be easy to style your hair for work or for a holiday.


  1. Women’s Short Hairstyles 2023: Trends
  2. Bob Haircut 2023
  3. Women’s Short Haircuts 2023: Pageboy
  4. Bowl Haircut 2023
  5. Cesson Hairstyle 2023
  6. Pixie Hairstyle 2023
  7. Short Haircuts for Women 2023: Garcon
  8. Haircut “With Torn Strands” 2023
  9. Short Layered Hair 2023
  10. Fashionable Aurora Haircut 2023
  11. Fashionable Italian Haircut 2023
  12. Stylish Haircuts For Girls Under 30
  13. Short Hairstyles For Women 2023: No Bangs
  14. Short Hairstyles for Ladies 2023: Bangs
  15. Women’s Short Hairstyles After 30
  16. Short Hairstyles 2023 For Women Over 40
  17. Beautiful Short Haircuts For Women Over 50

Women’s Short Hairstyles 2023: Trends

Women’s short hairstyles 2023, which will be fashionable in 2023, are distinguished by:

  • layering, thanks to which it will be possible to give liveliness and volume to the hair and make the hairstyle mobile;
  • the presence of bangs;
  • interesting game with color palette.

So, what awaits us in the near future:

  • The classic bob will remain in the trend of 2023, as well as its variations, such as shortened, layered, asymmetrical.
  • Haircuts from ultra-short hair will also be fashionable in 2023, as well as options with an open nape and shaved sides. Drawings and inscriptions will not lose their relevance.
  • Fashionistas who are not afraid to show themselves and stand out in the crowd can try on the image of tamers of male hearts and opt for a youth pixie.
  • You can also pay attention to the stylish garcon haircut, which, in combination with an unusual color, will emphasize individuality.

Women’s short hairstyles 2023 are suitable for women of all ages. Most modern businesswomen appreciate women’s short haircuts 2023 that do not require long styling and look equally good not only in everyday bustle, but also on holidays.

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Color is of great importance, because it is the right color scheme that allows you to highlight the advantages and emphasize individuality.

Increasingly, young girls and older women, choosing creativity and convenience, are wondering: what short haircuts not only combine style and practicality, but are also able to emphasize femininity.

Bob Haircut 2023

For 2023, haircut fashion is characterized by a combination of styles. In particular, at the peak of popularity is the Bob hairstyle, which is described in detail below.

In the original Bob special attention is paid to stylish asymmetry. You can highlight the main features of this hairstyle this year: a neat shape of a haircut with special attention to the lines; long bangs; asymmetry; styling.

The style of the current year can be compared with the fashion for Frenchness in the image.

Among all the haircut options from designers, Bob, which is combined with layers, wins. This is the real trend of 2023.

The hairstyle wins with its magnificent form and ease. It is enough to use foam to create a styling effect.

Signs and trends in the execution of the modern “Bob”:

The length of the Bob haircut depends entirely on the nature of the hairstyle. It can be a short “Bob” with a perfect shape or a long one that is great for both men and women;

highlighting and other “two-color” versions of “Bob” are popular; it so happened that “Bob” is often combined with ashy shades of hair.

Haircut in 2023 is perceived as an integral part of a fashionable image. It should not only fit its owner or owner, but also be combined with clothes.

In this regard, you can experiment with hair color, toning and styling.

Women’s Short Haircuts 2023: Pageboy

Pageboy this year has not changed much and succumbed to the trend.

To imagine yourself in character, remember Barbra Streisand in the popular musical Cabaret. This style is still relevant.

For whom the Pageboy is suitable, trends:

  • unisex look;
  • for women who prefer the “vamp” style;
  • for young girls with an athletic build.

Pageboy is good because it does not require styling during the day.

Combinations of women’s short hairstyles 2023 have become a fashion trend, so the Pageboy can be done with a long bang or Bob haircut.

Bowl Haircut 2023

Bowl haircut resembles a “shaggy” hat on the head.

This hairstyle is recommended for mature women. It can be compared to the Pageboy haircut which emphasizes deliberate nonchalance.

The trendy look is the two-color Bowl, when the hair is dyed in different colors. It looks very stylish and is ideal for business attire.

This hairstyle practically does not require styling in a daily look.

Cesson Hairstyle 2023

It cannot be said that the Cesson hairstyle this year belongs to trendy looks. However, fashion trends are very changeable.

If you add additional color to your image, choose a strict or free form, the traditional “Cesson” will become fashionable.

Trendy details and trends:

  1. for owners of blond hair, we recommend a combination of ashy and dark shades;
  2. brunettes can add curls in the form of a “hat”, painted in shades of red;
  3. for trendy girls, it can be advised to use shaved elements on the head. In combination with “Cesson” it looks stylish and not defiant.

“Cesson”, thanks to the length of the hair, allows the hairdresser to dream up a little. This year it can be done, fully in line with the fashion trend.

Pixie Hairstyle 2023

Pixie hairstyle is the perfect option for those women who want to look younger.

And it doesn’t matter when you decide to choose such an image, “minus 5-10 years” will be provided to you.

It is this element of the hairstyle that looks very lively and youthful. The success of this shape is due to the visual modeling of the shape of the face.

Lush top, spectacular bangs lifts the upper part of the face. The fashion trends of women’s short haircuts 2023 include: shaved sides; asymmetry; performing short hairstyles for women 2023 with feathers with partial coloring of individual curls.

Pixies are characterized by non-standard coloring colors – white or gray blond.

Short Haircuts for Women 2023: Garcon

Garcon is characterized by a lush top and a haircut at the back of the head.

The shape of the hairstyle may differ depending on the execution, leaving the main idea intact.

Fashion trends in 2023 in the photo from the catwalks:

  • shaved nape with drawings;
  • experiments with shape and asymmetry;
  • feathers and partial dyeing.

In general, there are two recommendations for shaping an image for a Garcon haircut, choose a free or strict form. Based on this, the master will be able to choose the option that suits the facial features.

Haircut “With Torn Strands” 2023

Haircut “with torn strands” is not new, but it has gained particular relevance in 2023.

This year the fashion for freedom. This was reflected in the choice of women’s short hairstyles 2023. Ragged strands are present in the recommendation of short haircuts for women 2023 of almost all known shapes and models.

Here are some of them:

  • a modern hairstyle can be chaotic and not follow any particular form;
  • it is desirable that the strands, even with a random selection, look natural and carefully trimmed;

Before choosing a hairstyle with strands, think about the convenience of styling it.

Strands are usually made glazed.

Short Layered Hair 2023

Short layered hair 2023 can not be described. They are well known to women and men who are owners of thick hair.

A distinctive feature of the layers is the ease of styling or its absence. It is this quality that attracts many people who do not have enough time for daily styling.

Signs of the fashionable short layered hair 2023:

  • classic or asymmetrical shape;
  • feathers;
  • partial staining.

The length and shape is the prerogative of the choice of the master, who is guided by the aesthetic requirements for the hairstyle. You can pre-select a hairstyle from the photo.

Fashionable Aurora Haircut 2023

Let’s highlight the main elements of the haircut:

  • lush top;
  • torn or asymmetrical bangs;
  • two-color staining.

This hairstyle almost always requires styling, but usually it does not cause much difficulty.

Fashionable Italian Haircut 2023

To describe the shape of the “Italian” hairstyle, it is worth remembering the “Layers” and “Bob” women’s short hairstyles 2023.

The main task of the master is to create spectacular carelessly protruding strands on a magnificent form at the back of the head.

How to perform “Italian” in 2023:

  1. use asymmetry;
  2. complement your hair with balayage, blonding or highlighting.

Try to be more original in your image.

Stylish Haircuts For Girls Under 30

According to fashion designers, the demand for short haircuts among girls under 30 will increase significantly in 2023.

At the peak of youth fashion there will be women’s short hairstyles 2023 that do not require special care and styling.

Among the current options will be models with open sides and the back of the head. In the geometry of hairstyles, clear lines will be traced.

Most women’s short hairstyles 2023 will have an accent on the bangs, with which you can change the look.

For example, in 2022, extravagant tomboy (open sides and asymmetrical thick bangs) appeared most often in the requests of visitors to beauty salons.

Short Hairstyles For Women 2023: No Bangs

Among women’s short hairstyles 2023 that can be worn without bangs, a half box is distinguished. A haircut of this format resembles a man’s.

Stylists working on female looks often advise to move away from minimalism and add tangible volume on top and a little on the back of the head.

At the peak in 2023 there will be a Canadian haircut. The difference of this hairstyle is short hair at the sides, which are combined with a wide elongated part of the hair, falling from the crown to the forehead.

Despite the fact that this hairstyle involves bangs, styling also involves combing the hair back.

Also in 2023, a variation, like the singer Halsey’s hairstyle, will remain in fashion. The model chosen by the showwoman differs from the pixie in thicker temples.

Fashionistas who want to open their foreheads, but leave bangs “just in case”, are advised to pay attention to pixie – ultra shapes.

Short hair is easy to comb back, and with the help of foam, lift the bangs and fix them in the upward position.

Short Hairstyles for Ladies 2023: Bangs

Women’s short hairstyles 2023 with bangs will not lose their relevance.

Still at the peak of fashion will be short hairstyles for ladies 2023 with ragged edges.

Pixies with straight bangs will remain at the peak of fashion, as well as its variations with asymmetrically cut hair.

Also in 2023, the so-called French and Italian haircuts will be fashionable, as well as the favorite of many in the seasons of 2023 Top Knot, borrowed from the Japanese samurai.

Women’s Short Hairstyles After 30

For women after 30, any kind of hairstyle that does not contradict the features of the figure is suitable.

It is worth noting that short-haired girls look younger than their years.

A minimum of hair allows you to visually lengthen the neck. But at the same time, a too short haircut on a full girl of high stature will look ugly.

A very original solution for women whose age has crossed the 30-year mark will be asymmetrical hairstyles with futuristic bangs, shaved sides and a highly raised nape.

Women’s short hairstyles 2023 in military format are suitable for young women. Often, hairdressers offer clients to deviate a little from rigid norms and complement the design with short feminine bangs.

Short Hairstyles 2023 For Women Over 40

Hairdressers advise middle-aged fashionistas to take a closer look at pixies. Such a haircut will allow you to build a creative mess on your head and give the image a little windiness.

If the figure allows, and the soul is ready to accept drastic changes, then you can try on a garcon hairstyle. Provided that the hair is 5-7 cm long, it will be easy to modify the haircut by adding some lush curls or small curls.

You can also pay attention to options with torn edges. With minimal effort and with the help of foam, a design of this format can be turned into a feminine version.

Ultra-short layers, as well as options with oblique bangs, will look no worse than an asymmetrical bob with an open neck.

Ladies with an athletic build and lush hair can try pixie and girls with sparse hair can opt for Cesson.

Beautiful Short Haircuts For Women Over 50

Women after 50 should approach the selection of a haircut, especially a short one, with maximum care.

An open face makes it easy to see wrinkles and age-related pigmentation. In addition, too short hair, especially with the wrong color scheme, can add years. In addition, hormonal changes in the body cause the hair to become thinner.

For ladies over 50, it is advisable to pay attention to tiered women’s short hairstyles 2023, in which the length of hair varies from 0.5 cm to 5-7 cm.

Open temples can be afforded by all women without being overweight. For owners of magnificent forms (chest and hips), a head without voluminous hair will do a disservice by creating a visual disproportion.

To rejuvenate a woman over 50, a haircut with hair of the same length over the entire surface of the head, complemented by torn edges, such as in a classic bob, will help.

In the absence of a “dowager’s hump”, you can try a bob with an open nape. As an option, you can consider a rhapsody haircut, the creation procedure of which allows you to get hair of various lengths than to visually increase the volume.

A distinctive feature of bob and rhapsody haircuts is the ability to style “in the mood”. Both options can be supplemented with a side parting or combed so that the forehead remains open.

Not every woman is able to decide on a short haircut. The main argument in favor of rejecting stereotypes is the desire to be independent of circ*mstances. At the same time, you should like the hairstyle.

It is important to note that the selection of women’s short hairstyles 2023 should be entrusted to a professional: not every woman is able to understand in advance how good she will look with short hair.

Top 17 Styling Options For Women’s Short Hairstyles 2023 To Try This Year (2024)


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