Valentine's Day Makeup Looks for All Your Love Day Plans (2024)

Valentine's Day Makeup Looks for All Your Love Day Plans (1)

These beauty looks will work for boozy Galentine's co*cktails or a romantic date night.

ByLauren Knowles

Date February 14, 2024

This Valentine’s Day, look to makeup in seasonal shades of pink and red worn in both classic and experimental ways. Think: va-va-voom eyeliner and heart eyeshadow art. Prepping for a serious night on the town? Pair your full beat with hair that’s unabashedly sexy. ’Tis the season of grand gestures, after all — so why not go all out on your glam?

While the notion of love is central to the February 14 holiday, it can be honoured and celebrated in many different ways, whether you’re having a girls night out, headed to a romantic rendezvous in the city, or taking yourself on a solo date. Here, we’ve rounded up eight Valentine’s Day makeup and hair looks fit for any occasion. We predict it’ll be love at first sight.

For a solo date

Who said you can’t get all glammed up for yourself? Taking inspiration from this lip look by Marika D’Auteil, a bold neon pout will give you the confidence to finally take yourself out on that solo date you’ve been considering. In true love day fashion, opt for a megawatt shade of fuchsia on the lips and subdued swipes of pink over the cheeks so the lip can have its moment.

For a girls’ night out

With your gals by your side and the whole night ahead of you, this ladies’ night is your opportunity to go wild with full-on glitter glam. Sure, we love our reds and pinks at this time of year, but purple is the underrated V-Day shade that’ll instantly elevate your beat. Emphasizing glittery lilac lids, dewy cheeks and a glossy rose lip, use this shimmery shadow look by Sofia Tilbury as your guide. It’s G.N.O, baby!

For a blind date

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If you’re booked for a blind date (exciting!), soft peach glam is the safe bet that reads effortlessly flawless. Not only does this easy-to-wear shade flatter every skin tone, but it just so happens to be Pantone’s 2024 Colour of the Year, too. Swipe it on your lids, cheeks, and lips for a monochromatic look that feels flirty and on-trend. When it comes to glam this subtle, the bigger the hair, the better.

For Galentine’s brunch

What would Valentine’s Day be without a few hearts? Break out your best eyeshadow palette and tap into your creative side with a heart-shaped eyeshadow look, like this one by makeup artist Samantha Harvey, over mimosas with your girls. A sleek style that keeps your hair out of your face will let your heart eyes do all the talking. Cheers to you, ladies.

For staying in

If spending the night at home and ordering in with your S.O. is more your vibe, we’ve got you covered. A messy updo of tousled curls like Whitney Peak’s is the low effort look with high payoff to try for an at-home Valentine’s Day date. Add a healthy helping of highlighter and a matte nude lip and you’re all set. Just because you may be staying in doesn’t mean you can’t get a little dolled up!

For a late-night date

Whether you’ve got a candlelit dinner booked or a night of spontaneous bar hopping planned, consider the alluring combination of sharp-winged liner and a romantic red lip for a night out with your partner. Let this look by @meyloetta on Instagram be your guide to glamour that oozes sex appeal and sets the tone for a night of flirtatious exchanges. Classic? Yes. Cliché? Maybe. Either way, effective. Best served with a bombshell blowout.

For that exciting third date

Redefine what constitutes Valentine’s Day makeup with an electrifying liner look this year. Your inspo? This glam by Leunita Murtezi. Reach for a violet-hued pencil liner and fill in your waterline (and lower lash line) for a makeup moment that adds a hint of fun to your look — but doesn’t give it all away. This beauty moment is all about the eyes, so sweep your hair up into a slicked-back pony.

For a day date

For a V-day walk or picnic in the park, might we suggest thinking pink? Not only does soft pink glam emit a playful aura well-suited to a daytime date, but its light pigment allows for multi-use on the eyes, cheeks and lips to create a monochromatic look that is both cost and time efficient — because you’ve got a date to get to! Pair the monochromatic Valentine’s Day makeup look with your hair centre-parted and smoothed into a ponytail to let your gorgeous face take centre stage.

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Valentine's Day Makeup Looks for All Your Love Day Plans (2024)


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