Enza Zaden zoekt een Jr. Operational Supply Planner in Enkhuizen | LinkedIn (2024)

Enza Zaden zoekt een Jr. Operational Supply Planner in Enkhuizen | LinkedIn (2)

Jr. Operational Supply Planner

Enza Zaden Enkhuizen

Enza Zaden is a healthy and growing company, which has embarked on a path towards further professionalization. This path includes the investment into a state-of-the-art planning system and data intelligence capabilities. As a consequence, the organisation is also re-thinking its way of working and the alignment of its processes, where the involvement of its employees is key to delivering results. As Operational Supply Planner, you will be joining our ambitious supply chain team, which is responsible for the supply planning of over 30 crops, 45 hubs in 25 countries for 7.500 customers.

What Are You Going To DoAs Operational Supply Planner, you will be responsible for the operational supply planning of a specific set of global crops, within the Leafy group. Your key objective is to ensure on time availability and the execution of the global supply plan.

As Operational Supply Planner you are participating in the S&OP process, where you will collaborate with many departments across the supply chain, such as R&D, Production, Processing & Testing, Demand planning, Portfolio and Seed Health & Quality.

Working with our new planning tool (O9), you review the status of the supply chain and signal and resolve issues related to seed availability. You ensure availability of the right amount of quality seeds. This consists of both operational inventory management as well as long term production planning with the broader seed supply team.

Together with, and under guidance of the Tactical Supply Planner, you monitor the supply plan, identify gaps and prioritize the supply of our products. By doing so, you help accelerate our supply chain processes in the global supply chain. This role requires an eye for detail, and a sense for timing, planning and urgency.

Your PowerThis is an ideal position for somebody who just finished his/her bachelor or already has some professional background.

You are a team player and have strong analytical skills, you can work with complex problems and large sets of data. You are able to connect current events to future availability risks and resolve issues when they arise.

In Short, You

  • Minimally have a degree at HBO (BASc) level, preferably in a supply chain direction;
  • have 0-3 years of work experience in the field of supply chain
  • Have a hands-on mentality, a strong persuasiveness and an analytical attitude;
  • Are a team player! You can make your own decisions and know when it is better to achieve your goals by involving others.
  • Are a pragmatic problem solver.
  • It is your first instinct to be transparent towards stakeholders, and to understand their information requirements.
  • Are proficient in the Dutch and English language, both written and verbal

Our PowerBreeding to feed the world! That’s our goal as an international vegetable breeding organization. Simply said, this means we develop new vegetable varieties. Our assortment consists of 1.200 different varieties. From bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce to bitter gourd and bird’s eyes chillies. Enza Zaden produces the seeds of these vegetable varieties and sells them worldwide. To give you an idea: more than 550 million people eat vegetables from our seeds each day. Curious to learn more about our journey? Please enjoy the new Enza Zaden brand movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yxla_xDJ-I

Even though we are an international company with nearly 3000 employees worldwide, we still are an independent family business, which clearly shows in our business culture. You easily feel right at home and your ideas are always valued. Entrepreneurship, teamwork, and taking responsibility are central values to our mission, and our employees are the heart and soul of the organization.

Being Part Of The Enza Zaden Family Means

  • Flexible work policy
  • 8.33% holiday pay
  • Performance reward percentage
  • Individual and collective salary increases
  • 25 days annual leave + vitality days (depending on age)
  • Laptop + mobile phone
  • Pension contribution

If you are looking for an exciting opportunity to evaluating regulatory changes while delivering high quality seed products, then we want to hear from you! Apply now to join our team at Enza Zaden.

Would you like to know more about Enza Zaden as an employer? Then take a look at the Careers & Learning page or view our page on LinkedIn.

ContactArjen Mol

Corporate Recruiter

+31 6 2735 6522

  • mol@enzazaden.nl
  • Senioriteitsniveau

    Senior medewerker
  • Soort baan

  • Functie

    Management en Productie
  • Bedrijfstakken

    Levensmiddelen- en drankenproductie

Enza Zaden zoekt een Jr. Operational Supply Planner in Enkhuizen | LinkedIn (7) Enza Zaden zoekt een Jr. Operational Supply Planner in Enkhuizen | LinkedIn (8) Enza Zaden zoekt een Jr. Operational Supply Planner in Enkhuizen | LinkedIn (9)

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Enza Zaden zoekt een Jr. Operational Supply Planner in Enkhuizen | LinkedIn (10)

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Enza Zaden zoekt een Jr. Operational Supply Planner in Enkhuizen | LinkedIn (2024)


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