Ulike Vs Nood: Unveiling the Best Hair Removal Device (2024)

Getting rid of unwanted and stubborn hair can be a tall order. But this has changed with the advent of laser hair removal. With this latest and mind-blowing technology, the way we approach hair removal has changed.

This article entails the differences between two top brands of hair removal, Nood and Ulike, and how they have captured the hearts of beauty lovers all around the world. From powerful performance to cutting-edge features, these brands claim to have all the features in their devices. But is that really true? Find out in this article.

Ulike Vs Nood: Unveiling the Best Hair Removal Device (1)

Comparison Table: Ulike AIR3 Vs Ulike AIR+ Vs Nood

Here is a comparison table that can help you make the right choice:

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ParameterUlike AIR3Ulike AIR+Nood Flasher 2.0
Price (After Discount)$279$229$189
Noticeable Results3 Weeks4 Weeks8 Weeks
CompatibilityFull Body and FaceFull Body and FaceFull Body and Face
Treatment Time7 Minutes10 Minutes10-15 Minutes
Warranty2 Years2 Years1 Year
Money-back Guarantee90 Days90 Days90 Days
DisplaySleek Light IndicatorsSleek light indicatorsDigital display
Dermatologist RecommendedYesYesYes
Lifespan1,000,000 flashes1,000,000 flashes600,000 Flashes
Where to BuyAt UlikeAt UlikeAt Nood

Ulike Vs Nood: The Key Differences

Here are the key differences between Ulike and Nood:

Ease of Use

Contrasting the two devices, the Nood Flasher 2.0 falls short in terms of grip. Its heart-shaped design does not provide the same level of secure handling as its competitors. Consequently, the design flaw can lead to fatigue and discomfort.

On the other hand, Ulike’s devices have proven to be significantly more user-friendly. Its patented sapphire ice-cooling technology and triple temperature control system not only alleviates pain but also minimizes common side effects. This unique cooling technology ensures that the device remains at an optimal temperature, making the hair removal process virtually painless.

The combination of Ulike’s user-friendly design and its commitment to minimizing discomfort sets it apart from its competitors.

Advanced Technology

The Noodist IPL Flasher stands out by incorporating a rectangular screen within a rounded black space. This thoughtful design ensures effortless viewing of the intensity level setting of the device.

On the other hand, Ulike surpasses Nood in terms of technology. It is equipped with a built-in light sensor, which automatically detects the skin tone and adjusts the intensity level accordingly. This intelligent feature ensures that the device delivers personalized and precise treatment.

Furthermore, the Ulike device boasts an impressive power output of 21 J/cm2, matching the intensity typically found in professional laser devices. This high power level contributes to faster and more noticeable hair removal results, making the Ulike AIR3 a top contender for those seeking quick and effective hair reduction.

Efficiency of Results

In terms of functionality, both devices operate on the principle of thermal photolysis, effectively targeting unwanted body hair.

The Nood IPL hair removal device presents a compelling feature that greatly appeals to me: the 4-week results guarantee. This guarantee eliminates the need for frequent hair removal sessions, resulting in significant time savings.

On the other hand, Ulike devices boast an even faster treatment time, requiring only 7 minutes to treat the entire body when utilizing the convenient thumb-free auto-glide mode. This impressive speed is made possible by Ulike’s rapid rate of 0.7 flashes per second.

To achieve optimal results with Ulike, the recommended usage is twice a week. You can see noticeable results in 3 weeks.

Inside the Box

The Flasher 2.0 by Nood includes only a charging cable.

In comparison, the Ulike IPL device is bundled with a power cable, a conveniently-sized travel-friendly razor, and a pair of stylish dark glasses designed to protect your eyes from the emitted light. While the FDA may not mandate the use of protective eyewear, I appreciate Ulike’s inclusion of these glasses as an added safety measure.

Also, Ulike device comes with a high-quality storage case, which you can use to store your handset securely so it doesn’t accumulate dust.

Number of Flashes

The Nood IPL device boasts an impressive capability of 600,000 and is designed to outlast a single user, as achieving desired results typically does not require using up the full capacity of flashes within a year.

On the other hand, Ulike devices stand out as the latest and fastest among many products on the market. With its high power output and a capability of 1 million flashes, surpassing the 600,00 flashes ordered by the Nood flasher. This greater number of flashes ensures that the Ulike devices enjoy an extended overall lifespan, offering users long-term usage and value.

Safety of Use

Both the Ulike and Nood hair removal kit prioritize safety, boasting FDA approval. However, Ulike distinguishes itself by offering additional features that enhance the safety of the hair removal process.

One standout feature of Ulike IPL devices is the incorporation of advanced Ice-Cooling Tech. This innovative technology actively regulates the surface temperature, reducing it to a comfortable 20 degrees Celsius. It minimizes the risk of discomfort and ensures that it remains safe for application on the skin.

In addition to Ice-Cooling Tech, Ulike provides a pair of protective glasses, which shield the eyes from the emitted light during the treatment.

Comparatively, while the Noodist IPL set takes measures to filter the emitted light to exclude harmful UV rays, ensuring that only safe light reaches the skin, it does not offer the same level of advanced safety features as Ulike.

The Ultimate Winner

According to me, Ulike is the ultimate winner that can provide you with an amazing hair removal experience from the comfort of your home. Following Ulike’s recommended treatment schedule, which involved using the device every other day for the initial two weeks and then reducing it to twice a week during weeks three and four, I found that I only needed to use the device for touch-ups as needed thereafter.

The Ulike device stands out with its groundbreaking ice-cooling technology and powerful output, delivering fast and efficient hair removal. The treatment modes and intensity levels is what adds to my list of pros while buying any Ulike hair removal device. Also, with Ulike, you have the option to choose from two amazing devices, whereas you get no such choice with Nood.

The Bottom Line

Outstanding features of both Ulike and Nood, such as Ice-Cooling Tech, touch-screen display, and high power output have made these brands ace out most of their competitors. However, Ulike outsmarts Nood in various aspects.

So, the decision between these two devices comes down to your preferences and needs. Make sure to consider factors like treatment speeds, longevity. Usability, and safety. No matter which device you use, both the devices we’ve talked about in this article provide practical and efficient ways to help you achieve flawless skin.

So, no more wasting your precious time on traditional hair removal. Modern technology is not just painless but also saves you a ton of your time. The path to flawless skin awaits!

Ulike Vs Nood: Unveiling the Best Hair Removal Device (2024)


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