Ulike A2 Air IPL Hair Removal Device User Manual (2024)

October 30, 2023
  • UlikeA2 Air IPL Hair Removal Device
  • Product Information
  • Product Usage Instructions
  • Safety Precautions
  • Product introduction
    • Product structure and accessories
  • Preparation before use
  • How to use
  • Care after use
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UlikeA2 Air IPL Hair Removal Device

Ulike A2 Air IPL Hair Removal Device User Manual (1)

Product Information

The IPL Hair Removal Device is a product designed for hair removal. It emitslight that targets the hair follicles, reducing hair growth over time. Thedevice should be used with caution and according to instructions to avoidinjury or harm.

Safety Precautions

The device emits light that can be harmful to the eyes and skin. It should notbe used by children under 15 years old, and caution should be taken when usingit on sensitive areas of the body. The device should also not be used oncertain body parts or conditions, as listed in the manual. After use, sideeffects such as skin burns, redness, swelling, and pigmentation may occur.

Product Usage Instructions

  • Read the manual carefully before using the product.
  • Ensure that the product is used in a well-lit environment.
  • For the first use, start with Gear 1 and test on a small area of skin for any reactions.
  • Place the air inlet upwards and the LCD screen downwards when using the device to allow for better heat dissipation and cooling.
  • Ensure that the epilation window is close to the skin when depilating.
  • Avoid using the device in direct sunlight to prevent machine failure.
  • Do not unplug the device without turning it off to avoid damage.
  • If unsure about whether the device can be used on a certain area or condition, consult a doctor.

Thank you for purchasing this product. In order to facilitate the use, pleaseread this manual carefully and keep it properly. The pictures in this manualare for illustration only.
If you have any questions during use, please contact us through officialchannels ussupport@ulikebeauty.comuksupport@ulikebeauty.com

Safety Precautions

Special attention

  • Do not apply any gels or care products (aloe vera gel, etc.) before use.
  • Be sure to assemble and use the product in accordance with the regulations contained in the Instruction Manual.
  • Please read the “Instruction Manual” carefully and keep it for future reference.
  • If you have any questions during use, please contact the online customer service in the required language.
  • DANGER: Contents related to personal injury due to incorrect operation
  • WARNING: Dangerous content due to incorrect operation
  • CAUTION: Contents related to personal safety or property damage due to incorrect operation


  • Do not use the device directly at the eyes, otherwise the strong light source emitted by the product may cause damage to the eyes;
  • Under normal working condition, do not directly fit the side outlet, otherwise the temperature of the outlet may cause burns to the skin;
  • Under normal working condition, do not insert any objects into the product, otherwise it may cause damage to the human body;
  • No data for use on children under 15 years old is currently available, therefore, children under 15 years old are not allowed to touch or use it. Please keep away from children under 15 years old when using the product.


  • Adverse effects may be caused if the instructions are not followed;
  • Do not apply antiperspirant immediately after irradiating the armpit;
  • For avoiding scald and failure when using, please regularly confirm and clean the dirt of the irradiation port;
  • Do not place the irradiation port near items that are easy to demagnetize, otherwise it 02 may cause failure and damage;
  • Do not use it when the vent is blocked, otherwise it may cause smoke and fire;
  • For normal operation of the product, please do not point the irradiation port towards black objects;
  • For avoiding blackening, discoloration and breakage, do not irradiate clothes, hair or other items;
  • Do not use the product on pets, otherwise it may cause injury;
  • It may cause eye (potentially blindness) or skin damage if instructions are not followed. Please read and follow the instructions;
  • Do not extend or reuse on a surface area, avoid excessive use, including excessive pulse stack and/or excessive frequency, which may cause damage to your skin;
  • Misuse may cause damage to the eyes, please protect your eyes from exposure, do not use the product above the eyelids or near the eyes;
  • Do not ignore the inherent safety mechanisms of the product. For example, the correct wearing of the goggles, the correct way to fit the skin, etc.;
  • Please take a skin test before use, and confirm the skin condition after testing for 2 hours. You can use the product if there is no abnormity (redness or blisters) in the irradiated area;
  • During use, please wear the goggles and place the depilation window close to the skin for depilation operation;
  • After use, please wipe the hair and skin care products attached to the depilatorto avoid failure and skin damage;
  • Please follow the instructions, wear goggles correctly to use the product, so as to avoid strong light stimulation;
  • Please set the irradiation intensity according to your skin condition, and be sure to use it from Gear 1 for the first time;
  • If the skin is slightly hot and red after use, it is normal;
  • The product can not be left unattended after it is turned on, and please turn it off in time after use;
  • Clean the skin to ensure that it is free of hair residue, is completely dry and free of oily substances and stains;
  • If the operating environment temperature difference reaches more than 20 degrees (from a low-temperature environment to a high-temperature environment, or vice versa), please turn it off and wait for about 2 hours before using it again;
  • Do not use the product near inflammable and explosive objects (including sprayers, gas stations, etc.), which may cause fire, electric shock injury and other dangers;
  • The ambient temperature of the depilator is 0-45°C. Please confirm the room temperature before use;
  • Please avoid direct ultraviolet radiation on the irradiated part within 24 hours after irradiation;
  • Do not expose the product to the sun or place it under ultraviolet light for a long time, which will seriously damage the product;
  • If the built-in fan does not work after turning on the power (no humming sound is heard), do not use it, otherwise it may cause failures such as smoke, fire, etc.;
  • Do not use it in the bath, shower or other places near the water source;
  • Please keep the product and the power adapter dry;
  • When using the product, it is not recommended to use it for a long time. Please turn it off for 10 minutes after using it for 1 hour;
  • If the casing, lens or power supply is damaged, please stop using the product immediately. Do not repair the product without authorization. It must be repaired by professional personnel from the manufacturer’s maintenance department or similar department.

Unsuitable population and situation

  • The use of the product may cause discomfort or adverse effects on people with allergies, people with skin diseases and allergic dermatitis, people with sensitive skin, etc. If any adverse effects occur during use, please stop using the product immediately;
  • Do not use the product on areas with damaged skin integrity (e.g. burns, blisters, cuts, wounds, active skin diseases, or infections);
  • If you are taking photosensitive drugs for important treatments, medical consultation is required before using the product, otherwise the use of the product may damage the skin;
  • Not suitable for pregnant women, lactating women, women’s menstrual periods, body scars, diabetes, fragile skin and light-sensitive skin;
  • Severe heart disease, moderate to severe hypertension, malignant tumors, folliculitis, infectious skin disease, burned skin and anticoagulant disorders are prohibited;
  • Do not use if you have abnormal collagen metabolism, including history of scars and poor wound healing;
  • Patients with vascular diseases, such as varicose veins and vasodilation in the irradiation site;
  • Do not use if your skin is sensitive to light and prone to rashes or allergies;
  • Please do not use it if your irradiated area is infected, patient with herpes simplex, skin lesions and hematoma is prohibited;
  • Suppression of immune response diseases (including HIV infection, lupus erythematosus, porphyria, etc.) is prohibited;
  • Any patient with bleeding disorder is prohibited, and those who use isotretinoin, fruit acid (AHA), salicylic acid (BHA) or azalea acid are prohibited;
  • Please use this product with caution forthose who use chemical hair removal within 30 days, those who have used skin whitening products in a short time, or those who have used vitamin A ingredients;
  • Do not use with essential oil products at the same time. Please ensure that the skin in the light area is clean and dry, and no lotions, lubricants and other cosmetics are used;
  • If the skin surface is not clean and dry, it may affect the use experience of the product and may even damage the product;
  • Prohibited during taking aspirin drugs, using immunosuppressive drugs, isotretinoin and other drugs. The recent use of light-sensitive drugs is prohibited (such as tetracycline and sulfa);
  • The product is prohibit for use on those who have injected fillers and toxins recently.

Do not use for the following body parts or the following conditions

  1. Intra-oral, genitals, mucosa, etc.
  2. Plastic surgery
  3. Throat knot
  4. Eyeball, eyelid, around eyes
  5. head
  6. Acne area
  7. Spots and moles
  8. Eyebrows, hair
  9. Ear
  10. Nipple, Areola
  11. Inside the navel
  12. Large vein
  13. Tattoo, body painting
    Note: This list is not exhaustive, if you are not sure whether you canuse this product, we recommend that you consult a doctor

After using the product, the following side effects may be caused:

  1. Skin burns
  2. Local redness and swelling
  3. Edema and blister of hair follicles
  4. Erythema and pigmentation
  5. Itchiness and pain
  6. Scar
    Note: The list is not exhaustive; if you experience any other discomfort,you are advised to consult customer service or a doctor0

Matters needing attention

  1. The product should not be used for the treatment of diseases
  2. It is not recommended to remove white or gray hair
  3. For naturally dark skin, please do not use the product
  4. Don, t expose yourself to the sun before hair removal
  5. When using for the first time, please be sure to start from the Gear 1 and choose a small area on your arm to test the skin reaction
  6. Make sure that the epilation window is close to the skin when depilating, and then perform depilation operation
  7. Do not use it in a dark environment
  8. For avoiding machine failure, please do not use in direct sunlight
  9. Do not hit and shake the product violently
  10. .Do not unplug the plug without turning it off; otherwise it may cause damage to the product
    Note: When using the depilator, make sure to place the air inlet upwards andthe LCD screen downwards, which is conducive to better heat dissipation andcooling of the depilator.Ulike A2 Air IPL Hair Removal Device User Manual (2)

Product introduction

Product brief introduction
About Hair Removal Device

  • The product subversion concave hot light hair removal device, Turning medical ice hair removal technology into household and miniaturization.Innovative sapphire freezing skin care technology, effectively cools the skin, reduce skin heat, avoid sunburn and better protect skin .Sapphire plane head compresses the skin and presses down the hair follicles to make its roots closer to the more energy areas, that improve the efficiency of energy absorption of hair follicle. Sapphire plane lamp head is easy to clean and has good transparency, which bring better hair removal effect.
  • The product sets 5 energy levels to meet the needs of different skin sensitivity.The machine and power supply can be separated,compact and portable, easy to store.
  • This product has an integrated lamp holder that does not need to be replaced for a long life, and is suitable for multiple hair removal areas (such as: face, lips, underarms, bikini lines, arms, legs, etc.) to save you expensive lamp holder replacement costs, you have no need to buy accessories frequently and there are no hidden additional costs. In addition, it has a perfect filtering system, which can filter ineffective short wavelength and harmful light very well.
Product structure and accessories

Product composition

Ulike A2 Air IPL Hair Removal Device User Manual (3)

Product structure

Ulike A2 Air IPL Hair Removal Device User Manual (4)

Preparation before use

Getting started

  • Thoroughly clean the skin to ensure that it is hairless, completely dry, and free from oily substances. (Residues such as perfu mes, lotions, deodorants and sunscreens)
  • Check that there is no dirt, hair, or other dirt remaining on the irradiation portal, and that there is no damage or abnormality. If there is dirt, please clean it up to avoid product failure, deterioration and skin problems.Ulike A2 Air IPL Hair Removal Device User Manual (5)
  • After 2 hours of skin test, confirm the skin condition. If there is no abnormality (redness, blisters) in the irradiated area, you can safely use this product. We do not recommend any hair removal until the skin exposure test is complete.

Irradiation intensity setting
The product has five gears of energy adjustment, which can meet the needs ofdifferent skin sensitivity and different hair colors. The following are therecommended instructions:

  • Please refer to the table below to select the energy gear suitable for your skin nature and hair color.Ulike A2 Air IPL Hair Removal Device User Manual (6)
  • If you feel pain or discomfort during use, please lower the energy gear (if you feel warm or slight burning without pain, it is normal);
  • People with darker skin are prone to skin allergies, so it is recommended to use it with a lower energy gear;
  • For people with thick hair, it is recommended to use a higher energy gear (Gear 4 or 5); For people with little hair, it is recommended to use the lower gear (Gear 1, 2 or 3). The specific situation varies from person to person, but for the first time, please use it from Gear 1.

How to use

Use steps

  • Step 1
    Use a razor to shave off the hair in need of care

  • Step 2
    Connect the power cord to the adapter

  • Step 3
    Plug the power cord into the power input connector on the rear of the product

  • Step 4
    After connecting the power cord to the product’s power input connector, insertthe plug into a power outletUlike A2 Air IPL Hair Removal Device User Manual (7)

  • Step 5
    Short press the On-off button on the side of the host to turn on the machine,and the gear and ice mode will be displayed when the machine is turned on

  • Step 6
    Press the ON/OFF/Gear Adjustment, the product has five gears, adjust therequired depilation gear, the higher the gear, the greater the energy, thefaster the effect. For the first time, it is suggested to start from Gear 1,and it can be gradually strengthened to the acceptable

  • Step 7
    Wear the goggles before you shave hair to protect eyes

  • Step 8
    Place the light outlet on the skin to be treated and apply it vertically. Thehair removal sensor light will light up to indicate that it is fully incontact. Press the flash button to start the hair removal operation. If thewhite light is not turned on, it means that the lamp head is not completelyattached to the skin, and the instrument will not emit light

  • Step 9
    After hair removal is completed, press and hold the On-off button for 1.2s toturn off the device (never pull the plug without turning off the machine toavoid damage)

Mode introduction

  • Continuous play mode (for large areas such as arms, legs):
    Place the light outlet on the area to be treated on the skin and fully fit theskin. At this time, the hair removal sensor lamp will light up, indicatingthat the lamp head is in full contact with the skin. Long press the flashbutton, and immediately start moving the instrument slowly and uniformly onthe skin, keepingthe fit with the skin, and the flasn will be emitted at acertain interval. At this time, please keep the hair removal moving, and slidethe hair back and forth twice in the area where hair removal is needed. Toensure that the hair removal area is covered evenly and avoid missing light.
    Tip: The skin’s movement speed can be adjusted according to the flashspeed, so that the coverage is more uniform the flash frequency is faster inthe first gear, the flash frequency is slower in the second gear, and thehigherthe gear, the slower the light output speed.

  • Single play mode (suitable for small areas such as fingers and lip hair):

    • Place the light outlet on the area to be treated on the skin and fully fit the skin. At this time, the hair removal sensor lamp will light up, indicating that the lamp head is in full contact with the skin.
    • Short press the flash button to start hair removal.
    • Move the lamp head to the next piece of skin, wait for the white light of the hair removal sensor lamp to light up, and then press the flash button to repeat the above operation in order.
      Tip: At any time during the hair removal process, if your skin begins tofeel overheated, just pause for a few seconds, allow the light outlet to cooldown again, and then perform hair removal.

Tips for using hair removal

  1. The continuous flash of the hair removal instrument will continuously accumulate heat. In order to keep the icing effect effective, it is recommended to use a sapphire lamp head to icing around the lightened skin area for about 30s after hair removal, and then perform the hair removal operation in the next area. This will calm the skin again with ice and make sapphire cooling better.
  2. Press the lamp head tightly against the skin to make sure that the lamp head full contact with tne root of the hair follicle and the hair fol icle will absorb higher energy,then achieve better hair remova effect.Sapphire freezing skin care technology, effectively cools the skin, reduce skin heat and better protect skin.

Life cycle

  • Use 3 times a week for weeks 1-2;
  • Use twice a week for weeks 3-5;
  • Use every half or one month after 5 weeks.
    Note: Please use it multiple times according to the growth of the hair.Too thick hair can be appropriately 12 increased in gear and frequency basedon this, the specific situation varies from person to person.

Care after use

Precautions after hair removal

  • It is recommended to avoid contact with water within 6 hours after the hair removal operation, and then moisturizing water can be used to moisturize the irradiated area.
  • Do not use perfumes, masks, or cosmetics containing frosted beads after skin depilation. Avoid UV exposure for 24 hours after depilation, and apply sunscreen if necessary.
  • Sunbathing is likely to cause skin darkening or sunburn. Irradiation at this time will cause redness, swelling, and inflammation. Therefore, during the use of this product, be careful not to be exposed to the sun, and the time to repairthe sunburn is not less than 1 week.
  • Artificial tanning is not allowed during the hair removal operation.
  • If you need plastic surgery after hair removal (only for the hair removal area), consult your doctor.
  • If you feel unwell, stop using the product and consult a physician.

Cleaning and maintenance
In order to ensure the best results and the longest service life of theproduct, please clean the product before and after each epilation to avoidlong-term accumulation of hair and dust. If you do not clean it properly, theproduct will not get its proper effect

  • Before starting cleaning, the device must be switched off and unplugged to allow th、machine to cool.
  • Use a soft, clean and dry cloth to wipe and clean the mirror surface of the light outlet.
  • Store the device in a dry, dust-free environment at -10-60 ° C.
  • Never wash the product and accessories in faucets and dishwashers.
  • Do not use steel balls, abrasive cleaners (toothpaste, etc.) or corrosive liquids (gasoline, motor oil, acetone, etc.) to clean the product.
    Note: If the water does not clean well, you can use a few drops of highconcentration alcohol (not more than 96%) to clean the above parts.

Environmental protection
When disposing of the product, please do not throw it with general householdwaste. You should send it to a designated recycling center. This is good forthe environment.


  • This chapter outlines the problems you may encounter when using this product. If you cannot solve the problems encountered with the following solutions, please contact the customer service center in your country/region.
  • When an abnormal situation occurs or the fault cannot be eliminated, please contact the after-sales customer service in the corresponding language.Ulike A2 Air IPL Hair Removal Device User Manual (8) Ulike A2 Air IPL Hair Removal Device User Manual (9) Ulike A2 Air IPL Hair Removal Device User Manual (10)

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Ulike A2 Air IPL Hair Removal Device User Manual (2024)


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